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"vi. выберите подходящие по смыслу слова и вставьте в пропуски. подчеркните их

market research

it is impossible to develop and launch а product solely on the basis of .guesswork thats much too risky. you can't just trust the intuition of senior managers or product managers; you have to do market research. we collect and gather information about the size of а potential market, about consumers tastes and habits, their reactions to particular product features, packaging features, and so on.

lots of people think that market research just means going out and asking consumers for their ...opinions of products, but that's not true. асtuаllу, talking to customers is а relatively minor market research tооl, because it's very expensive. in fact, personal interviewing is the very last thing we'd do. we usually find that our own account department which keeps records of sales, orders, and so on, is а far more important source of information. our sales representatives are another good source.

there are also а lot of printed sources of secondary ..data we can use, including daily, weekly and monthly business newspapers, magazines and trade journals, our competitors annual reports, official government statistics , and reports published by private market research companies. we analyse data from customers, middlemen, and so on, if both internal research (analysis of data already available in the accounts and sales departments) and secondary data (available in printed sources) are inadequate.

lf we do go out and do field work it's usually а survey, which you can use to collect information about product and packaging features, and to measure the effectiveness of advertising copy, advertising media, sales promotions distribution channels, and so on.

analyse, annual, data, gather, guesswork, habits, accounts department, launch, opinions, packaging, promotions, statistics

спишите и переведите словосочетания:

1. to develop and launch a product разрабатывать и выпускать продукт

2. the consumers tastes and habits потребительские вкусы и предпочтения

3. to keep records of sales сохранять информацию о продажах

4. to gather data собирать данные

5. to do a survey проводить исследование

6. advertising media рекламные сми

vii. перевод на английский

я работаю в компании занимающейся оптовой и розничной продажей автомобильных запчастей для импортного грузового транспорта. компания славится как поставщик оригинальных запчастей на российский рынок. у нас множество клиентов по всей стране.

я менеджер отдела снабжения. моя задача обеспечить эффективное управление запасами. в мои служебные обязанности входит заказ товара, прогноз спроса, анализ цен. я очень люблю свою работу. у нас отличный коллектив.

нас всех объединяет общая цель сделать все возможное для развития и процветания нашей компании.

i work for the company which is the wholesaler and the retailer of spare parts for import tracks. our company is wellknown as a supplier of original spare parts on russian market. we have a lot of clients throughout the country.

i work as a manager of the purchasing department. my major task is to provide effective management of stocks. im obliged to order products, to forecast demand and to analyse prices.

i like my work too much. my co-workers are good people. we all pursue one goal to make everything possible for the development and prosperity of our company."


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