Перевод текста на английский язык (сказка).

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there was a girl in one kingdom. she was an ordinary one. like other children she had her parents and favourities toys. she played dolls, was growing up and was happy.

but one day the girl has lost her name. it happened suddenly and she didnt even notice in the morning she still definitely knew her name, but in the evening she suddenly found that she could not remember it. supprisenly but neither her mother nor her father could remember the girls name. and then her mother said, that if the girl had lost her name, she must find it herself. to call her somehow and differ from other girls people began to call her girl without name.

like other children girl without name was grouing up and when the time came she went to school. she hoped to find her name there. in the school she learned how to read and began to read different books because she hoped to find her name there. in those books were many different heroes and she liked names of some heroes. then she tried to take some of the names in turn. but after have been using them for a while, she understood that none of them suited her. then she refused from the name and kept searching.

sometimes she liked some persons name. then girl without name tried to take his name, but undestood quickly that t didnt suit her. in fact there couldnt be two people with the absolutly identical names.


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